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Range of markets

  • Currency pairs, such as the major currencies Euro/Dollar and Canadian Dollar/US Dollar
  • CFDs on digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • Important commodities such as oil, gold, and silver
  • Indices such as Nasdaq, Dow Jones, and Nikkei.

Market Analysis

  • Daily and weekly reports on the markets issued by our team of analysts.

  • Economic analysis of the most prominent events affecting the markets

  • Trading ideas and important recommendations sent on a daily basis

Learn Forex

  • Training courses for experienced and novice traders
  • Online training lectures that introduce you to the advantages and dangers of trading

Range of markets


The concept of forex trading is defined as trading one currency against another, based on the expectation that the price of one of the two currencies will rise or fall against the other.


Connect Financial provides easy access to a range of global markets, which include, for example, energy commodities and minerals such as oil, gold, silver and others.


Connect Financial provides a wide range of market indices which include for example

Dow Jones Industrial Average, Nasdaq Index, Nikkei and many more.


Cryptocurrencies have imposed themselves strongly on the global economy at present, especially with the increase in their spread and circulation in various parts of the world, including our Arab world.


Connect Financial provides contracts for the difference on individual shares, which allows the client to trade on the shares of the largest and most famous international companies such as Metaverse, Apple, McDonald's and others.

We help you grow your income.

Understanding your trading goals is one of the most significant things you can do as a trader. New forex traders assume they know what they’re doing when they enter the market while they have no plan or any precise objectives. You can only start looking at alternative trading tactics that will help you attain your goals after you’ve set some goals for yourself. Keep in mind that you should attempt to be reasonable in your expectations and that the trading methodology you select is appropriate for your profile.

Trading accounts

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Standard account:

Initial deposit: $200

Platform: MetaTrader 5

Commission: $20

Spreads: 0.03 pips

Swap: free

Golden account:

Initial Deposit: $2500

Platform: MetaTrader 5

Commission: $15

Spreads: 0.02 pips

Swap: free

Platinum account:

Initial Deposit: $5000

Platform: MetaTrader 5

Commission: $10

Spreads: 0.02 pips

Swap: free

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    When you initially begin trading, you must do so with confidence. At Connect Financial, we follow a set of values that guide our interactions with clients. Based on this premise, we assist you in beginning to trade by providing instruction and the essential instruments for trading via a variety of account types that suit your trading style.


    We are here to assist you during market hours, and you can contact us in the most convenient manner for you. Technical assistance: We can assist you in downloading apps and adjusting settings, and we are delighted to answer any questions you may have.

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